Sunday, November 4, 2012

Clean Eating Thanksgiving Feast

I'm on a mission to have a clean Thanksgiving feast without breaking the bank!  Here's the menu and here's the grocery list:

Pumpkin Pie Spice
Real Vanilla Extract
Ground Cinnamon, Cloves, Allspice,Nutmeg, Coriander, Cardamom, Ginger
Ground Coffee
Pure Maple Syrup
Pumpkin Puree
Rolled Oats
Cracked Pepper
Baking Powder
Olive Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Fresh Garlic
Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Poultry Seasoning
Dried Dill, Parsley, Chives, Italian Spice, Basil, Cilantro, Thyme, Sage, Marjoram
Sea Salt
Plain Yellow Corn Meal
Whole Wheat Flour
Active Yeast
Pure Almond Extract

Turkey Sausage or Low Sodium Bacon
Ground Sausage
Whole Turkey

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
Oat Flour
White Whole Wheat Flour
Corn Flour
Baking Soda
Cream of Tartar
Black Pepper Corns
Whole Cloves
Cinnamon Stick
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
Agave Nectar

Soy Milk
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Lowfat Buttermilk
Plain Greek Yogurt
Orange Juice
Coconut Butter

Roasted Almonds
Pecan Pieces

Unsweetened Apple Sauce
Apple Juice

Balsamic Vinegar
Safflower Oil
Dijon Mustard
Walnut Oil

Fresh Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Tart Apples
Lemon Juice
Butternut Squash

Chicken Broth
Light Coconut Milk
Canned Coconut Milk

Whole Wheat Bread

Monday, September 10, 2012

Farmer's Market

Check out this week's loot - just $10!  I'm working my way up to buy more and more each week.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 2012 - Scaling Back

I decided to scale back a bit.  While we have a smorgasbord of grocery stores around here (Harris Teeter, Giant Food, Target, Walmart, and Food Lion), I'm only starting with Target deals for now.  I will admit Giant Food usually has some pretty good deals on fresh meat - lots of BOGO deals too!  But I like to shop Target because it's the least crowded, most sensibly priced, closest grocer to my house.  PLUS we have a Target Red Card which saves us 5% on every purchase.  Considering our grocery food tax here is 2.5% I think 5% savings is GREAT!  There are lots of credit cards out there that provide rewards (usually after the fact rather than an immediate savings such as the Target Card).  Unfortunately, our credit cards do not provide rewards for stores like Target and WalMart because they are not primarily grocery stores.  Bah Humbug! 

Tip: Something else to look for is grocery store savings cards that link to gas savings!  Our Giant Food stores give you $0.10 per gallon off at Shell stations for every $100 you spend. 

Tip: Everything I have a coupon for I always price compare the store brand vs. the name brand with coupon.  Sometimes store brand wins out if it's good quality. 

Tip: If you have the extra cash, stock up on non-perishable items when they go on sale and you have a coupon!  Canned foods, paper goods, plastic wrap, etc.  I store these items in my basement.  Right now I have a stockpile of trash bags, paper towels, and ziploc bags. 

Tip:  Check out this and this digital coupon source!  Several stores participate and maybe your favorite is on the list.  These coupons are downloaded right to your grocery store savings card - no clipping required!

Newest store brand discovery: Market Pantry (Target brand) Nutra Grain type cereal bars.  They feel a little heavier and taste a bit sweeter but the price is about $0.25 cheaper compared to name brand without coupon. 

Here's this week's Target specials (thru 9/8). 
Dr. Pepper 12-pack $2.50
Gerber Graduates Grabbers $1.29
Planter's Sunflower kernels $1.89
Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Pouch $1.44
Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts $2.37
Cruchmaster Multigrain Crackers $2.50
Huggies Pull-ups or Pampers Easy-ups Big Pack $19.79 (purchase 2 and receive a $10 gift card)
Nabisco Triscuits $2.39
Green Grapes $1.69/lb
Earth's Best Organic Baby Food Pouches $1.07
24 Pack Charmin Bath Tissue $12.99
Green Giant Steamers $1.99
448ct Pampers or Huggies Baby Wipes $10.99

Next week's Target deals (thru 9/15).
Hormel Black Label Bacon $3.99
Seedless Red Grapes $1.69/lb
Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice $3.00
Select General Mills Cereals 16 oz $2.50
8pk Viva Giant Roll Paper Towels $9.99
Huggies Pull-ups or Pampers Easy-ups Jumbo Pack $9.49 plus a $5 gift card with purchase of 3
Keurig Vue Pack K cups $11.99
100ct Ziploc sandwich or snack bags $2.67
Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunchmeat $2.66
Tampax select $5.99
Charmin Bath Tissue 30 pk double roll $14.99
Folgers brand K cup $10.99
12oz Emerald Nuts $4.29
Starbucks Coffee $8.89
Nestle Morsels $2.69

Target website coupons potential savings $25.75
50¢ off when you buy any ONE Pure Via® any size
$1 off when you buy any ONE box of POST Shredded Wheat Cereal (9.25 oz or larger)
50¢ off EQUAL® CLASSIC 115 ct. or larger
$1 off 12-pk. Dr Pepper soda
$1 off With purchase of three Kellogg's cold cereals
$1 off 16-oz. Oscar Mayer bacon
$1 off Planters nuts
$1 off All Free Clear laundry detergent
1.50 off With purchase of two Bertolli pasta sauces
$1 off up & up® cough and cold relief item
$1 off With purchase of three Market Pantry® dry pastas
$1 off With purchase of two Market Pantry® cold cereals
2.50 off With purchase of two select up & up® laundry care items
$1 off With purchase of two 5-oz. or larger Market Pantry® cheeses
50¢ off With purchase of two Earth's Best Organic baby food pouches
$1 off With purchase of four Market Pantry® frozen vegetable items
$1 off With purchase of both Archer Farms® chips and salsa
$1 off With purchase of two Archer Farms® crackers
$1 off With purchase of two select Archer Farms® items
$2 off With purchase of five Happy Baby baby food items
$3 off Dr. Scholl's or Dr. Scholl's for Her shoe insole or device
$1 off 8-pk. or larger Viva paper towels
50¢ off when you buy any ONE box of Post® Cereal (11 oz. or larger)
75¢ off 105-ct. or larger up & up® dryer sheets
$1 off when you buy any TWO Planters NUT•rition Products (8.75 - 10.25 oz)

Coupon Mom Printable Coupons from the following sites:
$1.00 off 2 Big G Cereals
$.75 off 1 dozen Safest Choice Eggs
$.75 off 2 green giant frozen bagged veggies
$1.00 off keebler crackers
$1.00 off Kellogg's cereals
$1.00 off Dr. Pepper 24 pack
$1.00 off Flieschman's yeast
$1.00 off 2 nutragrain bars
$1.00 off pedigree brand dog food
$.75 off gerber grabbers
$1.00 off gerber yogurt bites
$.75 off gerber organic pouch
$.75 off Wheaties
$1.00 off Athenos Feta and Dole Salad
$1.00 off 3 kashi cereal
$.40 off Fleischman's pizza crust yeast
$1.00 off McCann's irish oatmeal
$1.00 off 2 Post Cereal
$1.00 off 2 great grains cereals
$1.00 off little remedies

That's as far as I'm getting tonight.  But I'll be back tomorrow to browse the following coupon sources:

Coupon Network
$1.00 off Post Shredded Wheat Cereal
$0.50 off Pure Via
$1.00 off Kellogg's Cereal
$1.50 off 2 K-cup packs
$1.00 off Mio Liquid Water Enhancer
$0.50 off Equal
$1.00 off 4 coffee mate creamers
$1.00 off GE reveal bulbs
$2.00 off 2 Kotex products
$0.75 off EAS protein bars

Smart Source Coupons
$1.00 off 3 Kellogg's Cereal
$1.00 off Star or Pompeian Olive Oil
$0.65 off Florida Crystals Agave nectar
$0.55 off Florida Crystals Natural or Organic sugar
$1.00 off any Goodbye Gluten bread
$1.00 off any 2 Garden of Eatin Tortilla Chips
$0.50 off Pompeian vinegar
$1.00 off Splenda
$0.75 off Truvia
$1.00 off 2 nabisco crackers

RedPlum Coupons
$2.00 off 2 Right Guard products or $1.00 on 1 product
$1.00 off Wisk laundry detergent
$2.00 off Nature's Bounty protein mix
$1.00 off Garnier Fructic product
$0.55 off Hefty Slider bags

August 2012 - Getting Started

I will be organizing my coupons on this blog not only for myself but also for those of you who are new to the coupon thing and just need a little help or inspiration.  Coupon Mom is MY go-to but I understand it can be overwhelming and hard to decide what you need and what you don't.  Maybe your grocery list looks something like mine?  As I go forward with this venture, I'll be using more of the local grocery store circulars to plan meals and attempt to combine store deals with coupons I find on Coupon Mom.  Wish me luck and follow along if you dare.
0.50 off LouAna Product (cooking oil)
1.00 off Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
1.10 off smart balance spreadable butter
0.50 off Equal sucralose or PureVia
1.00 off K-cup packs
1.00 off Kellogg's cereals or Post Shredded Wheat
1.00 off Coffee Mate
1.00 off Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh
1.60 off Johnson's bedtime bath
0.85 off Gerber Graduates Grabber Pouches
1.00 off Kraft dressing
1.00 off Pup-Peroni dog treats
0.65 off Marie's dressing
3.25 off Optimal Solutions Protein and Vitamin shake
0.75 off Desitin
0.55 off Florida Crystals Natural sugar product
0.65 off Florida Crystals or Domino organic Agave
1.00 off Pompeian Cooking Oils\
0.50 off Pompeian Vinegar
1.50 off California Olive Ranch Olive Oil
1.00 off Johnson's Baby Powder
1.00 off Splenda
1.00 off Act Mouthwash
0.75 off Truvia
1.00 off Nabisco crackers
2.00 off Purex Complete
1.00 off Ziploc bags
0.75 off Truvia Baking Blend
0.75 off Marie's Dressing
0.50 off Nature's Valley granola bars
0.40 off Diamond Crystal Sea Salt
0.50 off Bisquick
0.50 off Zatarain's rice
1.00 off Kellogg's cereals
0.55 off Hefty slider bags
0.55 off International Delight
1.00 off Fleischman's Yeast
1.00 off Gerber Organic Baby Food pouches
2.00 off Caribou Coffee
0.75 off Fiber One Cereals
0.40 off Fiber One Chewy Bars
1.00 off Hormel Always Tender flavored meats
0.50 off Big G Cereals
0.50 off Liberte Greek Yogurt
1.00 off Caribou Coffee
0.75 off Safest Choice Eggs
1.00 off Silk Almond Milk or Fruit and Protein
1.00 off Gerber Yogurt Melts
1.00 off Kellogg's Nutra Grain bars
1.00 off Kellogg's Cereals
0.75 off Gerber Graduates Grabbers or Gerber Organic Pouch
1.00 off Fleischman's Yeast
1.00 off Denta Stix dog bones
1.00 off Hormel Boneless Ham
1.00 off Dr. Pepper
1.00 off Keebler crackers
0.75 off Butterball Deli Meat
0.70 off Frosted Mini Wheats Touch of Fruit
.05 off Fiber One Chewy Bars
1.00 off Pedigree Dog Food
1.00 off Athenos Feta AND Dole Salad Blend
1.00 off Kashi Cereal or Snack Bars
2.00 off Renu Solution
1.00 off Canine Carry Outs treats
1.00 off Meaty Bone dog bones
2.00 off EAS Protein Powder

Walmart Everyday Low Prices:
*Because sometimes I like to brave the "people of walmart" crowd;)  Plus they will price match local grocery store ads for the same item.

Target Coupons:
*Pay attention to which coupons are store coupons because they can be combined with manufacturer's coupons for double the savings!
1.00 off Coffee Mate
0.75 off Up and Up body wash
.75 off Up and Up dish detergent
1.00 off Kashi Cereal or Snack Bars
1.00 off purchase of Market Pantry noodles AND sauce
.75 off Ragu
1.00 off Archer Farms snacks (nuts, trail mix, etc.)
1.00 off Nutragrain bars
1.00 off Pup-Peroni
1.00 off A&D diaper rash ointment
1.50 off Up and Up Laundry Detergent
1.50 off Market Pantry frozen chicken
.50 off Pure Via
1.00 off Market Pantry Frozen Fruit
1.00 off Glad Trash Bags
2.00 off Advil
1.00 off Quaker Items
1.00 off Kellogg's Cereals
1.00 off Garnier Fructis hair care product
1.00 off Market Pantry cheese
.50 off Up and Up paper towels
1.00 off Post Shredded Wheat Cereal
1.00 off Colgate Toothpaste
1.60 off Johnson's bedtime bath
1.50 off Archer Farms coffee
1.00 off Hefty Storage Bags
1.00 off Market Pantry frozen seafood
1.00 off Dr. Pepper

Target Weekly Ad:
*Because I like to shop at Target:D
2 for $5 1lb ground beef
$1.99/lb strawberries
2 for $5 Tostitos scoops
$7.49 12 pk Quilted Northern Double Roll
$5.99 Market Pantry frozen chicken
$4.89 56oz Soft Soap refill or 3.99 Up and Up handsoap
$11.99 All Laundry Detergent free and clear
3 for $8 Magic Eraser (definitely getting these after discovering their usefullness on grout lines in my shower!)
11.99 Glad mega pack trash bags
4 for $11 Pepsi Products
$25.99 Up and Up Economy Pack Diapers

For the REALLY adventurous:!Store
Compare your local grocery store deals to manufacturer's coupons for even better prices!

My Clean(er) Grocery List

I've started a new lifestyle of clearn(er) eating.  Not everything on this list is considered "clean" but we have certainly cleaned up our diets and are continuing to make modifications.  Because of this, though, our grocery bill is starting to increase a bit.  So I'm on a coupon kick (again).  It's very easy to get caught up in the coupon craze, but it can also be a very daunting task  So this time I've decided to make a list of all the things we buy on a regular basis.  When I search coupons I will only be saving/printing/clipping those that we will most definitely use.  I will no longer clip and buy something just because I have a coupon and we "might" use it.  Some of the items listed below are monthly purchases (or less often) and some are weekly (perishables) but here is the list in its entirety:

Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
Frozen Chicken Wing Sections
97% Lean Ground Beef
Beef Roast
Pork Roast
Pork Chops (bone in or boneless)
Salmon or Tuna Steaks
Large Shrimp (peeled and deviened)
Bacon or Breakfast sausage
Turkey Pepperoni (guilty pleasure, plus my daughter will eat these when she refuses all else)
Lunch Meat (fading this out of our diets in favor of fresh meats from meal leftovers)

Canned Food
Chicken or Vegetable Broth
Stewed Tomatoes
Tomato Juice
Tomato Paste
Baked Beans
Butter Beans
Kidney Beans (I'm getting in the habit of buying dried beans)
Black Beans (I'm getting in the habit of buying dried beans)

Dog Food
Purina Beneful Salmon dry dog food
Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner

Breakfast Foods
Pancake mix (Getting into the habit of making homemade)
Cereal Bars (I'm starting to make these homemade too!)
Oatmeal (I also use this for homemade granola)

Protein Shake Mix

Frozen Foods
Biscuits (because I SUCK at homemade biscuits!)
Whole grain waffles (need to learn to make these homemade)
Corn (kernel or on the cob, when not in season)
Fruit (for smoothies, when not in season)
Pizza (which I am starting to make from scratch right down to the crust and sauce)
Onions (because they're easy and there when I'm in a pinch for a recipe)
Bell Peppers (again because sometimes I find myself needing them for a recipe and don't have any fresh in the fridge)
Fried Okra (guilty pleasure)
Lima Beans
Orange Juice

Baby Items
Diapers (we're ALMOST potty trained)
Diaper Creme
Baby Shampoo/Body Wash
Squeeable Baby Food (good trick to get my daughter to eat her veggies - she thinks it's "juice" or "apple sauce")

Ranch dressing (guilty pleasure)
Alfredo mix (I need to learn to make this homemade)
Spaghetti mix (I need to make this homemade too)
Pot Roast Mix (because it's easy but I should buy all the spices seperately to be "clean")
Jalepeno or salad peppers
Natural Peanut Butter
Garlic (need to buy fresh and press my own)
Apple Cidar Vinegar (for my homemade dressing)
Real Bacon Bits (for when I'm in a pinch and don't have any freshly cooked bacon)
Grated Parmesan Cheese (for when I'm in a pinch and none fresh)
Mayo (guilty pleasure, and it must be Kraft Real Mayo)
Yellow Mustard
BBQ Sauce (need to learn to make this)
Hot wing sauce (also need to learn to make)
Taco Sauce/Salsa (though I am learning to buy fresh salsa)

Baking Goods Section
Wheat Flour
White Flour (slowly fading this out of our diets)
Vanilla Flavoring
Coconut Oil
Cocoa Powder
Muffin Mix (Fiber One brand, need to start making homemade)
Non Dairy Creamer (starting to use vanilla soy milk instead)
Vegetable Oil (also fading out of our diets)
Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil (for cooking and to make my own salad dressing)
Cooking Spray (also fading out and using oil in my own spray bottle)
Sugar Substitute (Splenda is the healthiest option for zero calorie sweetener)
Honey or Agave Nectar (instead of using sugar)
Sugar in the Raw (attempting to switch from regular sugar)

Granola (getting in the habit of making homemade)
Popcorn (need to get in the habit of getting a single serve to pop in a brown paper sack into the microwave)
Whole Grain Crackers
Nuts or Seeds (sunflower, almonds, etc.)
Dried Fruit (learning how easy it is to make my own!)
Animal Cookies (because they have the least amount of sugar and my daughter eats them - okay so I sneak a few too) or graham crackers
Dark Chocolate (plus some kind of "real chocolate candy" for my husband)
Multi Grain Tortilla Chips

Red Pepper Flakes
Minced Garlic
Chili Powder
Sea Salt
Cracked Pepper
Goya ham flavoring (for cooking beans, though I will probably start using fresh bacon instead)

Apple and Eve Fruitables 4oz juice boxes (for my daughter)
Gatorade (for my husband)
Soda (for my husband, and on rare occasion myself)

Boxed Foods
Mac n cheese (I'm learning to make this homemade with REAL cheddar cheese, not the fakey fakey velveeta stuff)
Ronzoni Smart Taste Spaghetti Noodles
Brown Rice
Macaroni Noodles (trying to get used to wheat)

Cold Items
2% Milk
Silk Vanilla Light Soy Milk
Sour Cream
Block Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese
Feta Cheese
Dannon Yogurt Drinks (that I need to start making homemade for my daughter)
Plain Greek Yogurt
Country Crock Margarine with calcium (not "healthy" either way but I think it's time to switch to REAL butter)

Potatoes (on occasion)
Sweet potatoes
Brocoli (didn't do so well in my garden this year)
Carrots (will start growing next year)
Butternut Squash
Cucumber (still growing in the garden so far)
Green Beans
Lettuce or Spinach (did great for several weeks in the spring in my garden)
Bell Peppers (haven't sprouted in my garden yet, just a bunch a beautiful green leaves)
Tomatoes (for now I can get them from my garden)
Onions (didn't do so well in my garden this year)
Pineapple (I even planted one for an experiment this year)
Blackberries, raspberries, or blueberries (we'll see if the blueberry bush turns out next year)
Strawberries (didn't get too many or get very big in the garden this year)
Apples (one of these days our apple tree will mature and fruit) or Pears
Cherries or Grapes (also no grapes on the vine this year)
Oranges, tangerines, or grapefruit
Peaches, nectarines, or plums
Fresh Hummus
Fresh Salsa

Whole grain from the bakery (need to modify my own recipe still)
Honey Wheat Sliced Bread
Spinach Wraps (those green tortilla shells)
Whole Wheat Bagels

Miscellaneous - These tend to be the BIG COUPON ITEMS
Plastic Wrap
Wax Paper
Body Wash/Soap
Hand Soap
Dish Soap
Dishwashing detergent
Clothes detergent
Stain Remover
Dryer Sheets
Hair Styling Products
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Headache Medicine
Makeup Remover/Face Wash/Astringent
Biore Pore Strips
Dish Washing Sponges
Feminine Care Products

Jump on the Coupon Bandwagon

Nothing to do with ABA here, unless you consider saving money positive reinforcement for clipping coupons - which I do!  My favorite website for coupon clipping is Coupon Mom.  Check her out for coupon deals oranized by state or your favorite store.  She even has a price matcher tool!  I'm on a "clean eating" kick right now and doing fairly well - not perfect but better.  Unfortunately, that means most of my grocery list doesn't have coupons:(  But that's where store specials come into play.  Coupon Mom also has those on her website!  Plus we have a great local farmer's market right in Historic Downtown Manassas.  Feel free to check back often for coupons here or create your own list from Coupon Mom's website.